We are posting new press release to fashion bloggers and wondering how to send it to them ( attached, email text..)?

what do fashion bloggers mostly look at in news? grab their attention?


If you don't have a previous relationship with these bloggers, then the subject line will be very important. You have to come across as delivering some value rather than a means to an end. I would recommend emailing them first and asking if it's already for you to send them your press release, to establish they are interested in receiving news releases like this from you. To get them to say it's ok, otherwise you run the risk of coming across as spamming them. Once you gain their acceptance you can ensure that what you are sending them will be well received and done something with. If you don't take the time to build the relationship, don't be surprised if they don't do anything with what you send them and you can even expect them to mark it as spam. So my best advice is to contact them and ask them very nicely if you are permitted to send them your new release to gain their permission.

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Press releases should be sent as email newsletters. While you can link to items (images, video and info sheets) they can view or download, the release itself should not be an attachment.

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One thing that never changes is our desire to keep up with the news. These days, most people prefer to read their news online. According to Pew Research, 89% of Americans get at least some of their local news online. And it is not just consumers who are reading the news online. News readership statistics for the U.S. As a matter of fact, press releases are branding and credibility tools, not SEO tools. They are a great way to get the word out and more effectively brand companies, products, and services. If a release is engaging enough, it can generate social signals, drive shares, direct targeted and organic traffic, and create journalistic interest abroad. All of this is in addition to the sweet maraschino cherry on top – the possibility of major media coverage. A press release lets you spread the word about your company and its offerings in an ethical, journalistic manner that focuses on newsworthiness and branding over SEO, social media, or anything else. Press releases must cover something newsworthy. A PR Daily article outlines six necessary AP style guide steps for composing your release to assure that it is newsworthy.
For example, if your target market consists of the 45-and-over age group, using modern terms that do not appeal to them will not do much to help you gain traction. All releases are targeted when you set them up to go out for distribution. Be sure you research every industry your company, products, or services apply to before setting your industry targets pre-distribution.
Remember that press releases are a major form of branding, which is exponentially vital in today's online marketing world. A stagnant headline may be newsworthy, but that does not mean it is not making people pull their hair out when they read it.
Let us say you own a software company that is releasing its next version with a much-anticipated update that users have begged for the past few years. This title certainly is newsworthy.
Editors at press release distribution services, newspapers, and online news websites are stringent. A Community Toolbox publication offers some tips on avoiding press release rejection by using proper grammar, spelling, titles, style, and prose. However, if your release is not almost picture-perfect, it will go in the rejection pile with all the other shoddily composed news releases that editors get bombarded with day after day.

Collaboration is how some of the finest marketing pieces are created. Imagine splitting the cost of the press release distribution and syndication with a brand that improves your overall branding and reach. Cheap distribution is not good, and good distribution is not cheap. Distribution costs money, plain and simple.

There is a lot of squabble online about which press release distribution service is the best. You will also pay a pretty penny to add photos, videos, social media signals, and so forth. Market wire gets decent traction and features an awesome dashboard with good analytics. PR Web is the most profitable of all distribution services but still charges nearly as much for tier-one distribution as the other services.

As for add-ons, you get more bang for your buck on PR Web because you can add videos, images, and hyperlinks for free. Distribution services provide varying degrees of options for your press release. But, if you do not take some additional “traction-action” yourself, you could be wasting your own time and money. Ensure that your social channels are all set up to syndicate your press release.

That means Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. When syndicating your press release, you will want to access the dashboard and find different major mediums that it was posted to for distribution. Use a different medium for each social channel syndication.
There is only one service I would recommend for your press release's syndication on social channels, and that service is Pitch Engine. This is a social branding and marketing distribution service that you piggyback with your press release. It allows you to track social analytics and traction as you gain more headway. When you do syndicate your actual release on social media, consider boosting those posts to spread brand awareness, garner more social signals, and create chatter.

Instead, write a unique teaser paragraph or two, then link it to the release on the host site that distributed it or one of the major media outlets that picked it up. Most press release distribution services offer a few very worthwhile add-ons. Consider expanded distribution to hit more sites, albeit at an increased cost. For example, if you are a multinational company, consider worldwide distribution with AP Newswire syndication.

If you are a domestic company, target national regions to hit every major news medium in the U.S. Adding these multimedia elements to your press release helps gather more attention, improves social media reach, and drives brand awareness.

Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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