In learning social media marketing the video instructor had mentioned how people are doing very well with LinkedIn Outreach". It was a quick passing comment by the instructor but my interest was immediately piqued. I like the idea of offering a B2B service. However I don't understand what successful LinkedIn Outreach precisely means and how to do it as a freelance consulting service. Any ideas on how to get started?

I know that LinkedIn is a super popular tool for outreach to prospects/contacts in today's market, but I'm not sure what you mean by doing LinkedIn outreach as a freelance consulting service.

I've used LinkedIn for cold outreach to prospects I've researched within multiple markets and it is a fantastic tool! Some things to think about are clear and concise messaging and a subject line that will get your prospect to open your message.

I have a couple of ideas around how you might get started if you can tell me a little about what your end goal is with this project. Let me know.

Thank you,

Answered 4 years ago

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