Is a mutual ND Agreement suitable for co-founders who've agreed to work under specific terms?

Terms discussed and agreed: -3 months period to see how well we can work together. -Agreement with no compensation until business starts to make money. -Volunteers hours in exchange for Business development experience supporting an early stage startup -20/25hrs per week Initial contribution: -Offer some support on creating the brand -Research, identify, and negotiate partnerships with businesses who can enhance business offerings -Collaborate with the marketing team to target and recruit new users -Email tips and tricks to better land meetings with busy people -Represent business in meetings and industry events as well as put together top level creative presentations that help generate excitement for new partnership ideas.


The terms that you are describing our much more common in a founders/partnership agreement, and less common to an NDA.
Either way, there are a few issues missing in the conditions that you described, 3 of the most important ones being (1) the waiver of Intellectual Property rights, (2) the separating/firing of a founder/contributor and (3) the fact that there is no such thing (in most countries) as a "volunteer" (unless your business is an old age home and the volunteer comes more or less when he wants).
I've successfully helped over 300 entrepreneurs and I would be happy to help you. Good luck

Answered 5 years ago

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