I'm a Marketing trainee- I'm looking to see what the best practices are for converting social media followers into actual clientele. Looking for any suggestions on this? Thank you!

Hello, great question here. First of all you should understand that there is no 1 way and depending on who your audience is and what you sell the answer will definitely vary. A short answer however would be - engagement.
Forget about likes and follows and shares are engagement, if you want to be a successful marketer you need to see engagement as conversations. The more conversations you can build around products the more you can rely on them to follow links or follow up on a request when you do make one.
With that said, social media updates should be about what your followers want to see - depending on the social media -
try to avoid being too pitchy on each post.

My name is Humberto Valle, I have been a strategist for about 10 years now and have helped countless of entrepreneurs and businesses thrive through creative competitive strategy and marketing and I'm the co-founder of Unthink.Me. I hope my answer helps you a bit.

Answered 3 years ago

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