If my website automatically posts the content recieved onto another website. Who is liable if the content is inappropriate?

I have a business account with a popular website and via the means of a API any content that is posted on my site gets posted onto the third party website. Who is liable if some inappropriate content is posted onto my site and thereby gets posted onto the 3rd party website?


I'm not a lawyer but I've dealt with similar matters in the past. Technically the author of the post, but you as the publisher you can be liable for the content specially if you don't publish the original credits.

Answered 8 years ago

It's not so much who's liable as "will you get sued".

The answer is likely yes.

If you're in business long enough, you will be sued.

Next question is how much time + money will be sucked out of your life when you're sued.

If you participate in a legal pool like Legal Shield, then you'll only pay your monthly pool fee.

Last person who sued me, I paid $26/month to be sued + they paid their attorney $42,000/month for first month's legal bills.

I called them up + said next month, their bill would be double + would keep doubling every month.

3 days later I got a letter saying the suit was dropped... well suspended... which is the same.

Each time I get sued (seems like around half a dozen times now), I laugh, file a Legal Shield Claim, then have another laugh with my Legal Shield Attorney + he then commences in racking up massive legal fees for the person who sued me.

Best to just arrange any law suits to cost you very little time + money + ignore the entire law suit issue.

Answered 7 years ago

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