How can I best have a multilingual website on WIX?

We have a 200 page WIX website in Spanish and English. I would like to talk with someone who has professional experience on multilingual websites with WIX. Thank you!


The procedure of creating multilingual sites in WIX is quite complicated, as described here:

Should you decide to drop WIX and move forward to WordPress, you can use the WPGlobus plugin. Everything is much easier there.

Answered 8 years ago

I'm a software engineering consultant who helps small businesses build multilingual websites. Most of my work is on the Drupal and Joomla platforms. I know little about WIX beyond what is in their (pretty good) documentation.

You would like to talk to someone who has professional experience, on multilingual websites, with WIX. I'm 2 out of 3, and I'll give you my advice below. I will say that in my web searching, I found these folks: They claim to meet all 3 of your criteria. I don't know them, and can't speak for their ability to help you.

My advice? I agree with Gregory Karpinsky. There is support documentation for you to follow, but WIX might prove to be a difficult platform on which to make your site work. From what I see, I expect that making the first 2 pages work will be manageable. Even 20 can work. Entering and maintaining and updating 200 pages might become hard to do. Other platforms, like Wordpress and Drupal and Joomla, have infrastructure which makes scaling easier.

You should certainly be sure you've looked at this support documentation:

* WIX has a nice "How to begin" article, "Multilingual Sites": . It's worth reading this through and comparing to what you have done.

• WIX has a tutorial, "Creating a multilingual site" . It's worth reading through this, too, and comparing to what you have done. Note that WIX says, "Important: This feature is not yet available to all users." That's the sort of disclaimer that makes us specialists leery.

• Are you using the Wix Language Menu app?

• There are multilingual site templates . Check them for clues on how to make your site work.

• WIth 200 pages of content, I expect that there is non-trivial work involved in managing the translation, updating content, and adding new content. A Translation Management System (TMS) is a useful tool for making this work more efficient. WIX does not appear to have a way to connect to a TMS. Other platforms do.

Do you know of any other websites which are of comparable page count and language count to yours, which are also using WIX? That would at least be proof that it can be done.

You don't mention _why_ you want to talk to someone. Are you having difficulties? Maybe you could explain your difficulties and ask specific questions that this forum could try to answer.

Answered 8 years ago seems to answer your question.

And best talk with someone about your entire project.

WIX can have serious limitations, depending on where you plan on taking your site in the future.

Best to first ensure WIX is your best solution, throughout your project's entire life cycle.

Answered 7 years ago

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