Hi there, Like every other startup founder, my time is very limited, and while I'd love to learn all the intricacies of SEO and work on it daily, my schedule just doesn't allow for it. On the other hand, i understand the value of ranking highly in Google and I definitely don't want to overlook it. That said, I've been working with a developer in India through Upwork on some minor changes to the website (adding an Instagram feed section, new fonts, etc), and I like the work he's done (he also has great reviews). He told me he has someone who works with him who is experienced in SEO, and that it would cost $800/month for the work. Below is how he described the process: "It basically works in the following way : 1. It is an ongoing work. 2. We'll work regularly on our site on different things. 3. Developers and SEO guys, both are included in this work. 4. Work will go for regular 8 hours a day. 5. Output shows in around 4 minimum months as Google Indexing ..etc, takes time." I asked him what methods the person would use, and he said he wasn't sure, but he would ask him and get back to me (not too surprising, I suppose, as he's not the SEO expert). My plan is to speak with someone on clarity regarding some basic SEO methods I can learn so that i can at least be informed enough to track his progress, and keep an eye on what's being done through weekly reports. So my question is: Does this sound legit? And what are some additional questions I can ask to determine this? I'm self-funded and have a very small budget, so I'm really trying to ensure that i don't waste my hard-earned money on snake oil. Thanks in advance! Tanya

Hi Tanya, I agree with the other answers here but want to point out that a reasonable price depends on what you hope to achieve from the SEO work along with a few other factors.

If you only have a small budget, you should first consider where your best sales conversions come from. I have seen a lot of people become enamored with the idea of SEO and spend a lot of money on it only to find out that their best customer comes from a different source.

Also, the best marketing program is going to have a level of diversity and be consistent. If your entire marketing budget is $800 than spending $800 on SEO is not reasonable. On the other hand, if you have a specific objective and SEO is the best way to achieve it than $1,500 can be very inexpensive.

On the point of 'specific objective,' it doesn't matter if this offer comes from India or next door if you are not clear on what you are optimizing for. Not to assume that you are not clear but this is an important consideration because if you are indecisive, you have to allow for a margin of adjustment since even the best-intentioned and most experienced SEO expert may miss the mark in these circumstances.

Answered 4 years ago

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