How are digital/content marketers today increasing ROI for their recorded webinars?


What I've seen be incredibly effective is to gate the webinars and offer them for email addresses. At this point you can drop these prospects into a highly targeted drip campaign.

To use this most effectively you would want multiple webinars for each persona you are targeting and segment them by the stage in the funnel (education, buy ready, etc.) they're most useful for. This way, by simply watching the webinar, the prospect gives you the information you need to market to them effectively.

Answered 4 years ago

I have done webinars since 1998. It was very difficult back then due to no one having or knowing where to plug in their speakers or microphones!

Recorded webinars, like most content can be used to generate their maximum potential through diversity.

Maximizing multiple webinars and physical products are often the simplest AND most overlooked revenue streams.

Pull out nuggets from multiple webinars and sell a "Best Of" on the particular topic/niche.

Combine multiple webinars in full and sell as a Compilation, Volume or "COMPLETE" Series.

Turn the webinars into books.

Turn the webinars into physical DVDs.

Turn the webinars into a monthly subscription via physical mail or membership site.

I would love to have a call with you to answer any followup questions or map out specific strategies with you.

Answered 4 years ago

I love recorded webinars because since it's pre-recorded, I am free to engage with the audience DURING the webinar. This makes a huge impact on the audience because I can give them specialized advice and better explain the points in the webinar, live as it is happening. The last client I did this for, the webinar had a 100% approval rating (the first for the client's webinar series) and I got multiple testimonials. Of course you want to include your contact information but if you can go above and beyond and give the audience specialized attention it really makes an impact.

Answered 4 years ago

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