My name is Mohamed and I am the CEO of Vendigo and the founder of "Shoot it!", a social sports mobile app which is set to launch in Fall 2016. I am a 22 year old marketing student from Toronto, but an entrepreneur by heart. I believe I have developed a concept that will revolutionize the social sports video-sharing industry. While learning more about the industry itself, I also have found a void in the market and I intend on capitalizing on it. I am in that pre-development stage where I have a business plan, a targeted marketing strategy, and a business model that will prove profitable. I am looking to raise 75k CAD to develop and market my app. What is the value of my startup? How much equity should I give away?

Great at the age of 22.
Your concepts is really nice and extraordinary, it might you face a lot of compositors already but still you do your revolution your way.
About value of startup.
If your are calculating your startup >>

Investment is the 1st part + Estimated yr. Revenue after the investment + calculate the per user revenue(future esimation) + Your strategy investment, resources, planning marketing, infra and all major minor which you consume in the startup

Answered 7 years ago

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