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Best tools:
Google Analytics: free
Bing webmaster: free
Yandex webmaster: free

If your business is global you need access more micro data.

There are some mostakes in .htaccess file and url. Please fix before get index the site.

It will affect your domain authority.

Some tricky things you have to do- in google webmaster, bing website set your target USA.
After that your Research for your competitors, Develop the site which unlike your competitors.
If your spending money for traffic then go for PPC with your targeted keyword.
for organic International SEO make unique content, full seo friendly development, local usa search engine submission, domain must .com, or usa specified like, au

local business affiliate marketing.

People need don't need experience on paper, they are looking for person who serve their desire. make a strong portfolio and increase your skill level. Upload your portfolio online and apply directly.
You will definitely got something. and about for job you don't need contact just show your strong skills.
Check linkedin, powerlinx, freelancer, feverr

Great at the age of 22.
Your concepts is really nice and extraordinary, it might you face a lot of compositors already but still you do your revolution your way.
About value of startup.
If your are calculating your startup >>

Investment is the 1st part + Estimated yr. Revenue after the investment + calculate the per user revenue(future esimation) + Your strategy investment, resources, planning marketing, infra and all major minor which you consume in the startup

Its depend on what you building ...

If you building a blog or an informatics website then you want to go for custom development you can easy my interact with nibbleblog, WordPress, joomla etc CMS.

But if you are creating some specific functionality which is in your ming then you must go for custom development.

About WordPress
>Easy to install
>Open source -no cost
>user interface and admin good
>front end responce depend on your theme and plug ins
> little bit risky, people know source code easy to hack

About customs development
>time taking for development
>well secured
>apply any custom fictionality
>seo friendly as per development
>desired interaction and front end.

Whatever your domain dosent matter, its depend on your marketing and search engine optimization and you unique contents- that will give best traffic and higher rates if targeted audience in your website per google parameter .

Its depend your product and industry... Just like of your going for e-commerece I would refers online Ecom. Portal which is alreay you almost know, if you are going any payment portal just like wallet portal then you have to choose customs development like php, java, ruby. If you are going just information website go for CMD- content management system which is boost your information quickly and get fast the audiences interaction.

you have to know custom php development.
>Create HTML layout as per word press default theme.
>Select your architecture
>create pages
>then you have integrate that html template into wp theme
>go to theme of wp
>copy the one theme on your HD
>now integrate page by page.

product developer position is the really sensitive task to perform in real time industry. You are creating a product that needs to full fill the requirements of end user which is essential and useful for them.
Now in 60 days
> Your learn about the product strategy what is the essential need of end user
> Your product must be with engagement facility and user friendly
> Product security
> Product delivery
> Support

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