Why is the bounce rate for a few particular campaigns on Facebook always one?

I am trying to run a few campaigns through social media and while I am getting good replies in terms of comments and messages, I am not sure why my bounce rate is always 1 with a session time of 0. I even tried going through the links that I am using to track on my side and even navigated through few pages and it still shows 1. I have already checked google analysis code and it is applied on all pages. I am really clueless at the moment.


Sounds like you don't have your tracking code set up correctly. I suggesting hiring someone who can spend an hour and take a look to see if you can get the tracking working properly and go from there.

Answered 8 years ago


I would need access to your GA account to see what's going on in order to try an help. This is happening with all of your FB campaigns or some of them are showing normal metrics?


Answered 8 years ago

Try running Chrome + installing the Facebook Pixel Helper extension.

This will show you if your pixel is actually firing.

Sounds like one or more pixel may not be firing.

You can also fire a custom event for yourself, to debug your entire pixel flow. covers how to do this.

Answered 7 years ago

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