I have a strategy in mind to increase my site's SEO. Basically I want to position my site on the top few google results for a particular keyword. Eg: Toys. If I provide bloggers with unique articles, all related to Toys and ask them to set the same keywords in addition to providing a back link to my site. Will it be possible for me to increase my site's authority for the word Toys? In other words, If I can get 5000 blog articles to point to my site with the same key words, can I make it to the top of Google's search results if a user searches for Toys? Thanks in advance!

Why try to get "toys"? Why not a long-tail keyword? It's going to be impossible to get "toys". (Unless you are rewarded by Google for being local) You'll be competing with informational results like Wikipedia and queries like "what are toys".
Be specific. "Toys for children under five" or specific toys, balls, rattles. Long tails will have more of a buyer intent.
5000 links to toys, that's just silly.

Answered 6 years ago

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