Is it possible to divide the sales made within my Wordpress site amongst four different parties in a particular order?

Firstly, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to divide the sales made within my Wordpress site amongst 4 different parties in a particular order?. These features use WooCommerce Product Vendors and AffiliateWP suite. 1st - User Rewards: User would receive 1-2% of product cost as store credits. 2nd - Product Vendor would receive whatever commission (80-90%) he/she is set to receive from the product's sale. 3rd - Affiliate whom recruited the user that made he purchase would receive a commission on the site's portion of the product revenues, NOT the total sale price. 4th - The remaining revenues would then go to the site admin. Secondly, can the commissions for each product type be defined differently? Using the AffiliateWP - MLM Ranks plugin I will be able to set different ranks and commission amounts for each rank. I am attempting to figure out a way to have a specific product category have a "base" commission and the affiliate making the referral sale would then receive a commission according the the rate specified by his rank.


The short answer is yes.

Long answer:

All of the systems you're talking about can be modified by a competent developer, so if you're willing to invest in custom development, you can definitely create the system you're hoping to put in place.

Out of the box, it may be possible, but you'll need to coordinate your questions between the support teams for the tools you're using.

The math isn't hard, so the custom development would be a matter of doing the math in the right order, and feeding the adjusted amounts to the next link in the chain. How easy that is to actually perform will depend on how developer-friendly each tool is.

I have extensive experience modifying WordPress and WooCommerce, and I've used AffiliateWP system for clients in the past, so if you need help with planning, I could give you a high-level implementation strategy to carry down to your developers.

Or, if you need developers, I'd be happy to make an intro to a team I trust that has been customizing WordPress and its plugins for years.

Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

WooCommerce Adaptive Payments might offer a solution. It is available at

Answered 8 years ago

This might be better accomplished via Post Affiliate Pro.

Take a look at their system. They use to provide multi-tier payouts.

Just keep in mind, when doing multi-tier payouts, be sure to defer all your payouts till the refund period has ended, as multi-tier payout refunds can be a bear to deal with.

So give a 10 day trial period + no refunds + do your payouts every week + only for purchases made at least 30 days previously.

You get the idea.

Answered 7 years ago

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