How can I use NLP algorithms and (website) data extraction via automation, together, to develop a concrete analysis system?

Recently while working for one of our clients, we developed NLP algorithms based on machine learning for text analysis purpose and creating news trigger. This application works 24X7 to give us real time info. Since we are already capable of extracting data from any website via automation, I was wondering if we can make use of these 2 approaches to develop something concrete as our new offerings. Although, we have few ideas, needed expert advice to validate and perhaps understand the gap which the industry might be facing. I look forward to hear some good things. Thanks..


I can answer generally because I'm not sure which NLP algorithms you are analyzing (metadata, etc). First, you must identify the target audience for your possible new offering. You may already have this. If you do, then the best way to find out what the market wants is simply to ask. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see the mention of a particular vertical or target audience in this post, so I'll make up an example.

Let's say you are targeting criminal lawyers who want to have real time information on crimes and crime statistics using the model you describe above. Develop 10 questions you would ask this group - then ask them. You can do this online, through social media or some people are comfortable picking up the phone and asking the questions "old fashioned" style.

Once you have identified this audience and gotten some feedback, you can then begin to understand if there is a "gap" not only which the industry might be facing, but for which they will pay to close.

Hope that helps.

Answered 8 years ago

Create various SAAS brands for different applications.

1) API for people to use your product to analyze their sites.

2) or other people's sites

Are first items which come to mind.

Answered 7 years ago

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