How much should I charge for a Wordpress and social media marketing project?

Someone has asked me to help her set up a Wordpress site and provide her help with blogging, social media, youtube marketing for her clinic. Hours of listening to various podcasters like Pay Flynn and doing it for myself, have made me a little more competent in this area than the average joe. But, I'm no where near a blogging or super youtube star. I've never been able to sustain myself doing it for a living. So, I really have no idea what to charge. Should I even charge? What do you guys think?



This should help you get started...

There are various parts to your service and they should be considered as separate services:
1. Create the Wordpress website (one-time)
2. Create content for the blog (recurring)
3. Social Media Management (recurring)
4. YouTube account managment (recurring)

Each of those should have its own price, for example: $3,000 dollars for the website design and setup (this will vary depending on your experience and how much it will be worth to your client). Websites range from the very low end to over $100,000 dollars depending on what they do and what they will be used for.

The other three services are recurring services that should be paid in a monthly basis because it implies constantly adding content.

You should practice your skills as soon as possible to start getting better at each. That way you will start seeing how much time and effort it actually takes you and eventually you'll find the correct value for your work.

I hope this helps you, let me know if you have any additional questions!


Answered 7 years ago

Good question, and I generally agree with Armando, however if you are asking this I assume you are no where near the $100k range but in my opinion based on experience (I have led designers for a few years now) that you are also not in the $3k range either. If you are building a Wordpress website from scratch consider your time, their budget and your limitations. A lot of features are available through plugins but a lot dont work cohesively with every template or line of code. I recently made a change to a javascript code for a local website I run, honestmaids, and it crashed the entire server. If that happens or better yet to prevent it from happening do you have a contractor on call that can assist you with what you don't know yet? if you do, then consider what that person might charge you and allocate that into your bid as possible additional charge (just don't mention it will be from hiring a third party, state it as spontaneous unavoidable circumstances for this industry) Charge for example $20 an hour with a minimum of let's say $600 if you are good then the least you'll make is $600 bux. Charge the remaining of your duties the same way, breakdown your time, any costs you might have due to this job and tack that on. Maybe do bulk pricing on weekly social posts, monthly, etc. blogs because they take longer should be priced a bit higher. Don't expect to make a living off one social media job, these type of jobs require that you don't extort each client but instead is a numbers game for you- make a living by reaching a certain number of clients who collectively pay your salary. People who do give others a bad rap and you yourself a becoming vulnerable to becoming a commodity rather than a true problem solver.

Answered 7 years ago

You should pass on the job completely and have your friend contact someone who is good at doing these things.

The last thing you want is to be paid for a job you
1) Cant complete properly, take forever to do or
2) You come to dread working on as you are not competent.

Yes, you can improve your skills in these areas, but not on someone else's dime who is paying for skills that you don't have!
Work on your own websites/socmed and get good at it, then maybe -- if this is something you want to do -- you can market your services. Having no past clients is better than having unsatisfied past clients who will spread word about your bad work.

Answered 7 years ago

Do not ignore the client budget it is especially important. Secondly keep in mind the competition, higher it goes lower the price. Compare your price with that charged by others.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 2 years ago

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