How this platform working ?

How this work ?


Are you asking about the technical aspects that make this platform function?

Or are you asking what successes users have experienced?

I am not in a position to address the first one, I don't know the exact pieces that come together to provide the function of the platform (aside from a robust forum and a call scheduling element).

I can speak the to success I have seen here.

There are a number of experts who 1) recognize that there are users who need help, but may not be able to afford our rate, 2) understand that providing value here will result in an increase in their own business, 3) genuinely like helping others

Those of us who have seen success identify with all three points. We want to help people, we understand not everyone can afford our regular consulting rate, and we know that the more we give here - the more likely we are to book business.

Personally, Clarity has been one of the Top 3 leading revenue generators for my business in 2015. I am commited to adding more value and advice in 2016 -- for all three of the points I listed above.

Truth be told, we are all experts. Some of us have embraced the title and put ourselves out there to further our impact. Anyone reading this has the ability to contribute and share insights that are unknown to others.

Happy sharing,

Answered 5 years ago

Answer questions + your reputation will grow.

Answered 3 years ago

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