Which CRM should we use to keep track of fundraising relationships?

We are launching a venture fundraising round that is going to be significantly broader (aka way more conversations, people, contacts) than our previous rounds. Is their a good CRM platform we should use to keep track of people and the process? Personal experience most helpful!


I've worked with a couple of CRMs; if you are looking for a custom-like solution, I'd recommend Podio.

Salesforce has a lot of options, but tends to overwhelm folks who are not familiar with their tool.

If I didn't go with Podio, I'd choose HubSpot because of the integration with their other sales and marketing services. I don't know any other details about your venture, so it is hard to offer a tool that will grow with you.

I'm happy to discuss more and give you a more detailed answer. Just book a call and we can get rockin'

Answered 5 years ago

Honestly I like NationBuilder. It gives you many options to customize both customer facing and the back end. It also integrates with many other SaaS products. If you would like, shoot me an email and we can talk in more detail to make sure you guys understand your options. I have worked with nonprofits and other organizations that fund raise in the past.

Answered 5 years ago

Lots of fundraising systems claim to offer a mythological, unicorn-like "360-degree view." However, if they are only storing data about fundraising, they’re only showing you part of the picture. Your best prospects and donors may be involved in your mission as beneficiaries, clients, partners, advocates, online participants and more. Don’t you want to know that? Won’t that allow you to better identify prospects, and build stronger and deeper relationships? You bet it will! And guess what – your constituents expect that the left- and right-hands of your organization talk to each other. Your desk is NOT where prospects turn into donors. If so, your CRM should allow you to easily surface your best relationship opportunities and provide clear, automated pathways for cultivating those relationships.
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Answered 3 months ago

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