I'm in the process of creating a workshop business which also offers therapy and coaching services. I am debating whether to brand it under my name ( or under a separate brand name (or both?). I've seen people offer similar services using both models and wanted some feedback on what is the best direction to take and why?

I believe it depends on 2 things:
1. Your target group and how they will be finding you
2. Your intention to sell the business one day

1. If your target group is friends and friends of friends and your key communication channel is word of mouth or posts on social media, then it makes sense you keep your name as the name of the company.
If you plan to target people interested in the services you offer and who don't know you yet, and that most likely will find you by searching a solution on internet, then you could decide to create a brand name that will score well in google and that will bring to life the solution your target group is looking for (for example, your brand could be: 'Ultimate success institute'). I'm happy to have a call with you in case this is the route you are considering.
2. Indeed as someone already wrote, if you plan to sell you might want to create a brand that is different from your name.

Have a good day!

Answered 7 years ago

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