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hi Yazid, I'm sorry to hear but good for you for realizing quickly that this is not working. The resons could be so many: wrong product, wrong pricing, wrong audience, wrong influencers, too high competition... It's worth jumping on a call for this kind of questions, happy to do so (and since this question was asked quite some time ago, happy to jump on a call in case other readers than Yazid might face the same issue).

Sorry to break the dream, but creating a marketplace from scratch is expensive, simply because 1. you have to create awareness and design an offering matching 2 different users (vs. one for an e-commerce platform for example) and 2. you can start with only a couple of users, you need to reach a certain scale to see a marketplace alive.
Also, testing the idea (and most probably iterate it) is going to cost some money and/or time.

Post a daily high quality and on trend video for 30 days.
Or 1 amazing video.
Or 10000 average videos.
And in the 3 cases above: pray, pray, pray.

More seriously, we have no idea about your skills, current number of followers you have and how lucky you are in life. Therefore, in all sincerity, we can't answer.

Start by reading how other people have made money on internet and assume it requires A LOT of work (and generally some initial money to kick start).

I have to agree with Jake -> do it yourself. You can learn how to do the technical part and while you will never be as good as an agency, it will be way sufficient for your first year(s) in the business. And for the non-technical part, i.e. content, you (or somebody in your team) will be the best at creating it. We can jump on a call if you would like some guidance, in particular for the content part.

First of all, well done you for starting a business and taking a risk! Tricky especially with the minimum order quantities that you had probably to submit to....

It is really difficult to answer your question as we don't know if your product is not selling because the product is bad, the price too high, the target group is wrong, the ads are not connecting or the distribution channels are wrong, or all of this or something else :)
In anycase, in general you will most likely sell those products at loss whatever the channel you select. Therefore my suggestion, assuming your product is good (we could spend time defining what "good" is but let's keep this for a future discussion), is to send it as a gift to people that :
- can give you feedback or reviews on the product
- can be your future partners (Social media influencers, journalists, retailers...)
- family and friends .... and anybody who you could ask a favor to in the future ;)

Before you do that, I'm happy to jump on a call to understand what should be fixed in your offering, communication or distribution. It might be only a couple of elements.

Nice answers from many people, but I think that you deserve a fair feedback on your request. While it remains subjective (at the end of the day, it is simply my opinion), my message will give you a different perspective.
Looking at your question and the following paragraph, I really wonder if you do understand what it takes to "earn a lot". It is way more complicated that starting a profile and getting a mentor. I suggest you start by planning to "cover your costs" for a first start up idea. It will already be a great success if you do that.
Second, If you do not have the courage to create a profile (whatever this really means), then I think you should start by being an employee and show some courage in that context so you can grow your self-confidence. You will always have time to work on your start up at night or during the weekends or at a later stage. Good luck!

It's all about the return on investment or time spent. Maybe meeting face to face buyers is more effective than participating to an industry show or magazine where you could present your product.
Have your tried to measure that?

Fully agree with what was said before - despite what you might think, your idea is most likely not unique, and most likely not the final version of your business model. Moreover: the more you talk about it with people, the more you will be able to finetune your idea and get one step closer to success.

Make sure you have a clearly defined target group (no, "women 20-30 years old, breathing" is not qualifying), who will find your offer irresistible, and that you know how to reach that target with marketing as this will be behind 90% of the reason your company will succeed.
I can help with that :) Happy to jump on a call if you wish.

Nothing, not even video conferencing will replace face to face exchanges. Make sure you connect regularly face to face to keep the relationship tight and to make sure you are in control or at least aware of what is really happening when you are not present.

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