We are in rapid-growth mode and are doubling our sales team every 3 months. Many HR managers I know are using personality tests as part of the hiring process to help select between candidates. We would be using this for junior sales positions, after completing the initial screening call. It would help us evaluate which candidates are the best fit for in-person interviewing and hiring decisions. What tools have you found effective? Any other thoughts on how best to apply these screens? Would you recommend hiring a consultant to facilitate or run an in-house program?

I would be curious to know why you feel it is important to use personality testing. I have hired over 20 sales reps and I have never used any testing. I have conversations with my hires because that is going to tell me more about their personality any day than a test. Plus you might eliminate someone because of a test score that could be a great fit for your organization. I have a pretty strong process for hiring sales people and could share with you my steps and even the questions if you would like.

Answered 6 years ago

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