My landing page has an email capture form that I quickly change to match different offers. I need not only a low cost advertising channel, but quick execution (unlike adwords).

Newspapers traditionally have charged per column inch for display ads. Newspapers today are trying many different types of ad rates, including flat fees and combined deals for both print and online ads. To advertise you will need to contact your local newspaper and ask for their rate card. A relatively cheap advertising idea is newspaper classifieds. Newspapers typically charge for classifieds based on the size of the classified, the number of days the ad runs, and the type of classified. Many newspapers today have self-serve online dashboards where you can compose your classified ad and pay with a credit card. Depending on the kind of business and the size of the newspaper readership, you might be able to place a classified ad starting for only a bit more than $5 a day. Radio advertising can be considered one of the cheap ways to advertise, but you have to shop carefully. Radio advertising is often sold based on a “4-week total rate”. You pay based on the size of the audience reached. To reach a market with 1 million people, a typical radio show ad budget range might be $12,000. In a larger market of 5 million people, a 4-week total rate budget might be $60,000. In local TV, figure to pay starting at around $5 for every 1,000 viewers in a medium-sized market, for a 30-second ad slot. According to Skyworks Marketing, that’s a low-end rate. National TV ads cost much more and would be completely out of the reach of small businesses. With TV ads, also budget for the production cost.
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