Can I be liable for using a fake identity to ask about the business model of our competition?

Hi, I have used a fake name and a fake e-mail to ask about the business model of our competitors. The company have recorded the audio, where I used a fake name. I am wondering if I could be legally liable for using a fake identity to gather pricing information. I have never agreed to sign an NDA or any document. Any thoughts? Thanks. thanks.


I use LegalShield for all my legal questions. This is a great example of its use. They charge a small monthly fee. A member can call the firm as often as they want with any question to get an answer from an attorney specializing in the particular area of the law. will give you more details. You can call me at 512-450-8890 if you wish.

Answered 8 years ago

It depends on the country but in most developed countries you are committing an illegal act by using a fake name to gain competitive advantage.

In the U.S. this will likely fall under under theft by deception and/or fraud. In the U.K. this would fall under "blagging".

In addition of this being an illegal behavior, it is also unethical what you are doing.

Answered 7 years ago

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