I am getting ready to launch a local small business mastermind group, and expect 25-30 attendees. My goal with this is to offer a structure to local entrepreneurs who are interested in the mastermind concept. I would like to keep the actual mastermind meetings free or low cost in order to get people in the group, however I would like to explore other opportunities to monetize using this platform. Bi-Weekly Accountability Calls? Bring in local professional service providers? (accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, etc.) I have a business development consulting background, so maybe something around structuring joint ventures?

I am the organizer of three local meetups and host 5 meetups a month through my groups. This puts me in front of 100 plus people a month. To monetize your meetup, I suggest you add a monthly 1-2day paid event where you provide a higher level of value to the attendees and use your free meetups a feeder for prospects to get introduced to you and your services. The feeder meetups will give you a platform to book up your paid event. Also, as the organizer of your group you can provide weekly tips to add value. Offer every new member a free consultation to introduce to the group and your services. I generate weekly inbound calls just from my meetups. Book a call with me if you would like more info or to explore other options to monetize your meetup.

Answered 2 years ago

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