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Entrepreneur, Commercial Lender, trusted advisor to hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs throughout the US, have personally financed millions of dollars of real estate, mentor to new CRE investors, dedicated to service and giving back. Deacon at local church.
WHAT I DO: I help entrepreneurs and investors build their commercial real estate portfolio and improve the cash flow of their existing properties by lending quickly and at a lower cost than most lenders. I also show them how to establish business credit w/o personal guarantees.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with investors and developers of commercial real estate on the following property types:
- Multi-family: Luxury, Market Rate, and Affordable Housing. Senior and Student Housing
- Hospitality: Full Service, Limited Service, and Boutique Hotels. Flagged and Non-Flagged properties
- Office including Medical Office. Class A, B, C, and even D!
- Industrial and Warehouse property including owner-user on a case-by-case basis
- Most forms of commercial real estate will be considered. Retail strip centers, Independent Living Facilities, and portfolio loans for transactions involving multiple properties.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me you get great advice on the most efficient and cost effective loan products and financing packages that investors are looking for right now.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As a direct lender, I can give insight on how to finance your commercial property quickly and efficiently. I advise on a wide variety of transactions such as purchases, refinances, SBA, and non-real estate business acquisitions. This allows me to accommodate a large range of deal structures and loan sizes ($1M to $50M).

HOW IT WORKS: My process begins with a phone consultation to evaluate your commercial finance needs and or marketing options.

​READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly here on Clarity via private message to send me your topic of discussion, visit online at

Recent Answers

1. Online: Start a YouTube channel based on your business. Create a FAQ list from the most common concerns/issues/ challenges facing your target market. Make videos that address those challenges. Use the videos to demonstrate your expertise thru case studies etc. Views and subscribers creates social proof that you can add value to your clients.
2: Offline: create and host a meetup group that serves your target market. Speak on topics from the above FAQ list. Invite other speakers to lead the discussion about 50% of the time. Research for more info
3. Use texting software to send review links to clients and networking partners. Asking for reviews on Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms will generate more social proof that you are an expert in your field thus worthy of hiring and paying top dollar.
I have used these techniques in my business and they kept my phone ringing off the hook before, during, and after the COVID lockdown. Feel free to setup a call with me if you want more specific action steps.

Our firm generates business locally and nationally strictly with B2B customers. Locally I use meetup groups targeted to my ideal customer base to put me in front of 100 plus prospects a month. I have my sales people attend the meetings to network within the group and handle the overflow of people who cannot wait around in line to talk to me after the event. LinkedIn is the best resource to prospect for B2B clients and salespeople, bar none. I have recruited my best people from my meetup groups. They have approached me about joining my organization after seeing the value I provide and the overflow of prospects I have at my meetings. Post in your LinkedIn profile that you looking for dynamic people and thru proper positioning you will attract those you are seeking. Book a call with me if you want more specific info or want to explore other options.

I am the organizer of three local meetups and host 5 meetups a month through my groups. This puts me in front of 100 plus people a month. To monetize your meetup, I suggest you add a monthly 1-2day paid event where you provide a higher level of value to the attendees and use your free meetups a feeder for prospects to get introduced to you and your services. The feeder meetups will give you a platform to book up your paid event. Also, as the organizer of your group you can provide weekly tips to add value. Offer every new member a free consultation to introduce to the group and your services. I generate weekly inbound calls just from my meetups. Book a call with me if you would like more info or to explore other options to monetize your meetup.

I am commercial lender with 25 years experience in the real estate and financial arena. I have financed business acquisitions without collateral. Given you have experience in the industry of the business you are trying to acquire, I would recommend a SBA 7a loan. I would also recommend you go thru a lender that is approved as a SBA Preferred Lender because they will typically add their requirements on top of the base SBA loan criteria. The SBA 7A will finance non-real estate business acquisitions such as franchises or business like this one where you are purchasing an established book of business. I financed the purchase of a manufacturing representative firm. The only assets the company owned over $1,000 was a laser printer. Through a combination of seller financing and a SBA 7a loan, we facilitated a $4M purchase with a $250K down payment from my borrower. Book a call with me if you need more info or want to explore other options.

There are no lenders that offer a fixed rate SBA business loan because SBA's fixed rate loan program is only for real estate backed loan. The SBA 7A program which is for non-real estate business acquisitions are variable rate loans. They are available as 10 year fully amortizing loans but they do not have a pre-payment penalty so you can pay them off early or refinance to a non-SBA loan at a later date. Book a call with me if you need more SBA info or want to discuss other lending options.

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