I have a new product which deals with loyalty with much attention for retention( value proposition). This is what I want to introduce into the digital world. I'm planning on preparing a sales plan to set my x number of sales goals within a year and so forth. However, how do I go about doing that? are there any steps or any general things to consider?. I understand my target market however generating leads or even looking for affiliate channels is a quite the task( I am open to do but the proper way). Any tips are helpful.

My first thought is forget the sales goals for a minute for two reasons they are just made up numbers so if you put them to low they will cause you to under achieve if you set they to high you might feel like a loser. You need to get out and sell and promote the heck out of your product. As you take off with your product you will have a better idea of goals if you want to do them then. Right now I see goals as an obstacle with no benefit except for the bank loan if you need one but they are otherwise a waste of time because it can steer you off the road. Put your full force of your energies to get your product in as many hands as you can. Do each day the number one thing to get your company off the ground and I would say that is sales, sales, sales. Be that one pointed.Call me if you would like to discuss it further....Ken

Answered 5 years ago

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