Here is ten ideas of what you can do:

1.- Get a customer. For your app. Someone that will pay to use it, get their actual money in your hand. (That will show you how good the idea is)

2.- Describe to me what your app does in ONE SENTENCE. One that a 3 year old can understand

3.- Tell me what comes after "because" meaning... I must use your app because.... "......... .........."

4.- Speck it out in all details - Google how people have done it before. Do not miss on any of the steps

5.- Outsource the first page and get it done - Do not spend more than 100 dollars on this

6.- Document each step of the way in a blog

7.- Do a video of "what you thought would happen" and "what is actually happening" - every day

8.- Think of 10 other apps

9.- Repeat all previous steps for the 10 other apps

10.- Teach me how to answer the question you just asked from idea to full execution.... and charge for the course

Answered 6 years ago

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