We are a cellphone repair centre based in Ottawa, Ontario which specializes in cellphone & tablet repairs and provides our clients with excellent quality services at an affordable price

- Identifying who are your clients and where new ones are more likely to be located (be as specific as possible),
- nailing your pitch,
- designing a great offer (not necessarily purely money sensitive),
- translating this into your website/mobile app, and landing pages,
- partnering and/or advertising with networks or other organizations that can reach out to a high volume of clients (Google adwords, repair shops that do not offer our service)
- ... and do the math (how much do you charge, what's the related cost, what's your margin, how much should a new client cost you to be profitable).

And don't spend more than 15% of your time and money thinking, planning and designing the solution - do it and improve it along the process.

Answered 6 years ago

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