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I'm a digital marketing advisor to entrepreneurs and business owners who need to adjust their strategies to the current market realities. This includes market research, business strategies and plans, and management coaching. Currently bootstrapping a project to provide free business strategic planning sessions to any company. Feel free to join the community of entrepreneurs being coached this way.

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- Identifying who are your clients and where new ones are more likely to be located (be as specific as possible),
- nailing your pitch,
- designing a great offer (not necessarily purely money sensitive),
- translating this into your website/mobile app, and landing pages,
- partnering and/or advertising with networks or other organizations that can reach out to a high volume of clients (Google adwords, repair shops that do not offer our service)
- ... and do the math (how much do you charge, what's the related cost, what's your margin, how much should a new client cost you to be profitable).

And don't spend more than 15% of your time and money thinking, planning and designing the solution - do it and improve it along the process.

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