What are some quick wins to get your business listed on google for your brand name?

Our site is so when you google leadmachine, there's all sorts of other noise... we're in the process of creating a new web site and creating content for the blog. What are some quick wins for getting listed for our brand name?


You'll never get indexed by Google right away, it's going to take at least a few days or weeks, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process as much as possible.

1. Create at least one simple landing page while your site is being developed and include a few paragraphs of text explaining what lead machine is.

2. Ensure your content can be crawled and indexed by Google. - put the keyword in your title tag and meta description.

3. Create a Google Plus account for the business and Post a link to the website on the business account. Also submit a post on other social media accounts, like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Not required, but running a small Adwords campaign for the keywords you're targeting will help.

The fact that you have the domain name means you likely will be ranking for "leadmachine" fairly quickly, but the steps above will expedite the process.

If you want more help, book a call. Cheers.

Answered 9 years ago

If you check the stats I bet you'll find that there are very few google searches for "LeadMachine", so optimizing for that won't get you the kind of traffic you want. Figure out what people are actually searching for:
1. Go to the google adwords tool and type in some questions your customers ask you all the time. Things like "How do I attract new customers?" or "What's the best way of getting in front of new prospects" or "why did all my leads just dry up?"
2. See which of those phrases people are actually typing in.
3. Create a page on your website that answers one of those questions.

As long as your website is google-friendly, and since there's already traffic of people looking for this information, google will pick up these kinds of pages pretty quickly. And it's a lot easier (and will get you much faster results) than trying to clear the space for your brand name.

I've taken this approach with I get fewer than 5 hits a month on my company name, but I average 1,300 hits and 30 leads (i.e. new email addresses) _a day_ on landing pages that answer questions about business networking.

If you want to talk further about why getting your brand name listed on google isn't really worthwhile, and what you can do instead to drive traffic to your website, feel free to set up a call.

Answered 9 years ago

Super Quick & Easy Strategy:
Create a Google+ page and link it with your website. Follow the steps mentioned here for the same -

Why this will work?
I did a quick search for lead magnet and learned that there's no Google+ Page listing! That means an opportunity to show up pretty fast!

Hope this helps!


Answered 9 years ago

In your case, it may take more time to get your site at the top of Google for your brand name. The reason is because your brand name is a combination of two regular words, "lead" and "machine" that have already been targeted by other companies in your industry as keywords.

If you choose to try establish search engine rankings for your company name, it is a good idea to pick something that is unique. This way, you won't be fighting other more authoritative results before you even get started on your SEO campaign.

Since this is something that you are probably unwilling to change, the next steps would be to get started on some content promotion tactics that would help improve your rankings.

Here are a few suggestions (should be done only with the idea of providing value in mind):

- guest posting
- directory listings
- social media marketing

There are many other tactics and platforms that you can use that should help to create some lasting links to your business. I would be happy to discuss more with you via a call.

Answered 9 years ago

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