Obviously, a site needs to have great content filled with SEO keywords and landing pages. But what are the best ways to increase search engine ranking by using other sites/blogs? I have looked into various gigs on Fiverr and also the profiles of several freelancers on oDesk that offer services related to SEO and increasing search ranking via backlinks. But it has been hard to figure out exactly what they do, and I feel uncomfortable asking total strangers earning poverty wages to handle this. I own about 50 different domains that I have no utility other than to help me promote other "real" sites. What are the best ways to use these sites? For example, is it helpful or harmful to setup blogs on these sites with articles that link back to the main sites that I want to promote? Since I own these domains, I would love to figure out how to best utilize them in a way that increases the organic ranking of my main sites.

I own a small local business (brick and mortar) and have firsthand experience trying to "crack the code" of online marketing and specifically with increasing Search Engine Rankings.

After having enlisted the services of several experts and completing hundreds of hours of hands-on experience implementing and tracking several different strategies I discovered what works (at least for my business).

For details let's set up a call... In the meantime here are some tips you may find helpful:

1. Use a Multi-Faceted Strategy

Lots of "experts" on SEO are really experts in one very specific area of SEO - like building citations or backlinks etc. But any real expert in SEO will tell you that (1) it requires several core pieces to be optimized (that's what I meant by "multi-faceted") and (2) it is not a "quick fix".

2. When Using Fiverr gigs (or similar) Make Sure You Have Laser Focus

Remember that you are hiring a specialist to perform a very specific small scope project. It's just checking off one tick box in the list of all of the components of your plan.

Also - be reasonable about your expectations. After all - you don't really expect an investment of $5.00 to translate into the thing responsible for generating $100,000 in revenue... Do you?

3. User Experience Matters

Remember to include things that improve the User Experience in your plan. Things like how quickly your page loads and website layout matter.

Best of luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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