Is there a reliable service/SDK that will let me provide an item & location to get fulfillment information?

Is there a reliable service/SDK to do the following? I provide as an input what my user is looking for (say a drill/category home improvement), as well as the user's location As an output i will get a link to a delivery service saying: "we can deliver a Bosh Drill to your house in 50 minutes for 60$ total" I know if i go to amazon i get similar, but i need that programmatically (SDK) input/output. Thanks!


There's no "reliable" way to do this, as you're interacting with one or more shippers.

After shipping physical product around the world since... 2003... every shipper only gives ballpark windows of when they can complete a delivery.

Using Amazon FBA will likely provide fastest delivery times.

Answered 2 years ago

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