We have a lot of chiropractors who dont know anything about social media, websites, google and getting new patients via online marketing. Looking for a good way to get them new leads without using coupons. Thinking Facebook ads to a sponsored post to a landing page of success stories, but thinking there is a better way that we can replicate.


I have a lot of experience with this. There are a few concerns with using FB as a tool for lead generaton marketing for chiropractors.

First of all, most chiropractors service a very distinct local area. If you are not careful you will spend an enormous amount of money without very good results. Secondly, one of your biggest competitors is orthopedic practices/pain management vying for worker's compensation patients. These are hard to capture on Facebook.

The solution is to use more than one media, direct marketing letters, follow up emails to existing clients to encourage them to tell their neighbors (paying for referrals where legal), and YouTube videos, and experimenting with Facebook while not relying on it too heavily. The main two concepts are to provide an information packed newsletter and to make the chiropractors into celebrities.

I am currently actively working on a similar project. We perform actually marketing for medical practices throughout the United States. And interesting enough, I partnered with a company that markets pharmacies near the physician practices.

We are using a combination of WebMD along with

Essentially, we break the information down according to the household income and other demographic information for our target population. We then contact the medical practices and pharmacies within the area where we know we can sell the products and services.

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I hope this helps.
Best of luck,
Michael Von Irvin, MBA, RN
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Answered 6 years ago

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