Fortunately, I have thought-leadership credibility in my niche. I've written for trade publications and been a speaker/panelist at conferences. The strategy I am leaning toward is to begin researching for a series of articles and conference presentation on a topic very hot on the mind of my niche (and 100 targeted prospects). In preparation, I could reach out individually to these prospects for their input on the article/presentation topic. That way I get excellent input and these decision-makers will also become familiar with me (and most likely view my website out of curiosity). Your thoughts on this approach or any other suggestions would be appreciated.

That is a great approach. By asking for their collaboration, you are establishing yourself as a peer and not a salesperson.

If you contact them, pose a question or two to frame the conversation and ask them for a quote to be included in your research publication/book/presentation/etc.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks extensively about woo-ing customers in his book, "The Thank You Economy". He shares examples of sending non-branded goods (a sports jersey, in one example) to new customers, just for being a customer. In your situation, replace 'customer' with 'prospect'; gather intelligence about their likes or dislikes and use this to break the ice with them.

I'm sure if a valuable trinket from their favorite sports team arrived with a handwritten note on their desk, you would have their attention.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.

Answered 6 years ago

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