Hello Guys and Gals, I am building a web app for local SMB's that will enable merchants with the ability to create their own shopping cart page on my website. I will be charging a monthly recurring fee for this service. I am interested in tracking conversion events, identify abandonment in the signup, as well as where we are losing people in the check out process. It would also be nice to use the data in a simple to understand UI. Additionally, I would like to enable my signed up merchants with the ability to track bounce rate, conversions, clicks, and shopping cart abandonment on their personal page so they can track ROI on my platform. Under the super admin area I need a way so that I can easily track all customers in one simple to UI so I can see overall what people are buying, where we are losing people, etc. I have a limited budget now and would like to know can this be accomplished with Google Analytics? If not, what other service would you recommend?

Much, if not all, of what you are looking for can be accomplished in Google Analytics using their Conversion Goals. I am not sure about *all* of it - specifically the information you want the merchants to have access to.

There are tools that do analytics better and more detailed for applications like this, but GA is the best for your price point. You will want to plan for growth and moving to a more comprehensive solution, as your web app grows.

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Answered 8 years ago

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