Our behavior change software is to reverse diabetes in its early stages, we can find projections on cost saving with mobile health, and we can find easily the exorbitant cost of lifestyle disease in general (75% of healthcare costs). Assuming our product does not suck and their patients will use it to stabilize their weight or even lose a little, how can we build realistic cost savings projections to close our deal?

Always approach communications from the perspective of "what does the audience what to know" ... So, what does your insurance payer want to know that your software does to benefit them? It saves them from paying out on their plans - well, how much?

There are so many ways to quantify this, just find the most impactful numbers that will make the executives think "we can't afford NOT to do this" ... Surely the cost of your software would be a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of diabetes. Show this on a per-patient basis, and an overall bottom-line 10-year plan. How many millions will they be able to pocket for having helped their members to stay healthy and out of the hospitals?

PS: Great product you are developing - I hope you are using game dynamics in your app! :)

Answered 7 years ago

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