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Trader and developer of proprietary algorithmic trading systems. Pete has been an active web developer since 1998, and an integrated marketing strategist since 2010, entering the cryptocurrency space in 2012.

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This project sounds interesting, and the answer is certainly YES! Blockchain is used as a type of database for many applications. I would suggest you look in to the blockchain created by Dan Larimer, the same genius behind BitShares and EOS.

Its a great feature, adds value and provides a platform for all us experts to show off our expertise :)

Wow, you need to SERIOUSLY drill down and ask a lot of questions before you can decide. Consult with online software engineers, describe your project to them and work through a little Q/A session to come up with some good leads.

There is no "best technology" ... there are only different technologies for different needs.

If b "web based project" you are simple referring to a website, perhaps with different systems like a blog, forum or social networking capabilities - I recommend WordPress because it has the most modular features built out already in plugins, along with lots of theme options. BuddyPress gives a lot of possibilities for creating user-based websites.

26% is a satisfactory conversion rate. It differs for everyone, there is no benchmark. Can you improve on that - surely! Try bringing in more levels of analytics like heatmaps and multivariate testing to see what tweaks have the most impact.

Always approach communications from the perspective of "what does the audience what to know" ... So, what does your insurance payer want to know that your software does to benefit them? It saves them from paying out on their plans - well, how much?

There are so many ways to quantify this, just find the most impactful numbers that will make the executives think "we can't afford NOT to do this" ... Surely the cost of your software would be a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of diabetes. Show this on a per-patient basis, and an overall bottom-line 10-year plan. How many millions will they be able to pocket for having helped their members to stay healthy and out of the hospitals?

PS: Great product you are developing - I hope you are using game dynamics in your app! :)

If you think your idea would attract investors, you could take a route similar to many other tech startups. Investors don't care about your product, remember this, they care about your company. Will your team be able to innovate? You will want to start building a team of qualified candidates before you even seek funding, because without them, all you have is a product idea. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Assembling your team before you even have funding shows initiative and sets the foundation for what investors can expect from you.

I agree with the other answers on this page as well, there is no one right way, but you are surely capable and nothing *really* stands in your way. Go get it!


A specific solution just came to mind utilizing wooCommerce. If WordPress is your platform, this could be very simple with a subscriptions plugin.

You can run some highly-localized campaigns on social media networks that automatically target each locality your franchises are in.

Try online pay-per-click advertising on Google & Facebook if you have a budget, but beware that without the proper setup & management you could be throwing money into a hole.

Grow your email lists, segmenting for each franchise/location.

Find out where the population is growing in your area and send physical mailers out with a coupon that invites them to connect on social media or an incentive for a referral.

Hope we can find a time to talk strategy, I have helped several businesses who have never done online marketing to start hitting home runs!


If it were your own channel, I'd recommend this for WordPress:

Since it is not your channel, though... this should do what you want:
Also, try this tool:

Hope this helps! Book a session with me if you need some clarity on your social media marketing plan.


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