There are lots of articles and blog posts on SaaS metrics for the typical monthly subscription type SaaS companies, but many of the metrics offered don't translate well to the enterprise/annual contract SaaS world. What metrics work well for businesses that deal with longer lead times, lower churn, and annual recurring revenue?

I think you'll find some of the MRR sales & customer-success related metrics also cross over into the ARR world:

Sales metrics:
- Length of sales cycle (# of days at each sales stage)
- # leads / week
- # of attempted calls / week
- # of completed calls/demos / week
- # of deals closed / week
- # of lost deals / week
- Close rate
- Customer acquisition cost

Customer success metrics:
- Renewal rate
- Upsell rate & value
- Utilization rate
- Lifetime value

Answered 7 years ago

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