What is the most efficient way to have a steady source writing/blogging/tweeting ideas?

I am involved in a new project and I've been asked to produce articles, blog posts, tweets, etc. related to a few topics in the tech industry. I am well versed in the topic and I'm a prolific writer but this kind of writing is new to me. I am hoping to setup a system where I can quickly look at other blogs, feeds, articles, news items, etc. each day and get ideas about things to write about or comment on, etc. In the old days, this was done by setting up a bunch of RSS feeds for blogs and other sites that are related to the topic. Maybe that's still the way to go, but probably there are some aggregators that can help me with this. Can anyone recommend an approach or tools that will help me get a steady flow of content related to a topic? I would love to have a bunch of feeds to check each morning and get ideas. Thank you!!


A few approaches I'm currently using:

1) StumbleUpon

Once you create an account, add in some interests. These can be general (e.g. "Technology") or more specific (e.g. "User Interface").

Then, at the top of the page is a big dropdown that by default says "All Interests." Pop that open then poke on the interest you're looking to get ideas for.

Start stumbling and see what comes up.

2) Facebook

Create a new Facebook page for yourself. It doesn't need to be public.

Then, when on that page, open the "Edit Page" menu at top and choose the last item, "Use Facebook as PAGENAME."

Then, use search or whatever means to find pages that post like-minded content to what you're looking for and "Like" these pages. {NOTE: Because you are "acting as" your page, YOU are NOT liking these pages, your page is liking them.}

Okay, so now you should have a page that you're acting as, and you've liked some other pages.

Now if you go to the FB homepage, you'll see a custom newsfeed of posts from JUST those pages that you liked (plus ads).

Over on the left (in today's interface at least) there's a little arrow next to Newsfeed. Click that and switch to most recent.

Voila, the freshests posts from the pages you like.

You can switch back to "Use Facebook as YOURNAME" using the arrow at the very top right of the desktop interface.


This is from the EdgeRank Checker people. Basically, you log in and create Pods (read: groups or lists) of FB pages.

Then, you can choose a pod, and a date range, and it'll show you the most "shareworthy" posts from those pages.

Hope this is helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance implementing these ideas, or creating a custom blended RSS feed (which is still a fantastic way to achieve your goal).

Answered 6 years ago

Todd listed some good sources. Then there are the not-so-obvious... various magazines. I subscribe to several unrelated to my industry, and I do get a good many ideas, because I'm always thinking how I can turn xxx into something useful for yyy.

It's also good to have a single place you store screencaps, links, article headlines, etc - things that can help inspire you or spark ideas when nothing "new" is tickling that writing itch. I use OneNote for things like this. I simply drag/drop feed headlines, with links intact.

I know that isn't exactly what you were asking, but if you're like me, information overload will sometimes leave you hungry for something different.

Answered 6 years ago

I'd look at other top content aggregation sites/discussion forums to get ideas on what people are talking about and what topics are most current:,,, etc. I find that even just scrolling through the headlines will usually spark an idea for a new blog post topic.

Answered 5 years ago

I have lately been using the new Klout app in combination with hootsuite for this. Klout's revision lets you pull articles by topic, pulls the photo of the content ( better open rate) and let's you easily read and tweet/facebook similiar to hootsuite. They are adding sm integrations, we can't post to our company facebook for example yet, but they are working on that. It is a simple way to post a shortened link with gives you extra space to write your own take on the article which is value add! I am happy to talk with you on a call for other ideas and suggestions!

Answered 5 years ago

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