My software services company has been profitable and stable since 2001. I sold off part of the business to my original partner a few years ago, and now I am looking for a new partner who wants to handle business development, marketing, and the formulation of new products/services with me. A real partner, not just a salesperson. Places like founder2be, etc. aren't turning out to be a good match because I'm not really going for a growth + exit model. I'm focused on solid, steady, generous income instead of a massive exit. I'm looking for a partner who wants to profit share in a small, lucrative company and take advantage of a flexible schedule, work at home, and the ability to make a nice income while [truly] keeping a great work-life balance. Where would I find such a person?

Two places to look:
1 - advertise it as a job on Linked In. Yes, I did say a "job". There are real people looking for work who could become partners. I'd suggest you start by hiring and offer the partnership as a performance bonus. That's pretty motivating for a sales/biz dev person
2 - ask your clients if they can introduce you to someone. These folks know, like and trust you and your brand and a private approach from you will carry real weight. They'll be flattered to be asked and you may be surprised who comes out of the woodwork.

Good luck

Answered 8 years ago

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