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Mr. Bickford is an expert consultant on topics related to the financial services and technology industries . During his career, he has held many senior level positions in the industry with banks, brokers, mortgage companies and other firms. He currently works with banks, brokerages, consulting firms, and other top names in the financial services industry. He provides advice, strategic direction, corporate guidance, analysis, research, and training to companies and their management teams. His consulting work is driven by thorough analysis, research and 35 years of industry experience providing him a unique perspective and deep understanding of the financial services industry. His knowledge and experience in the industry include senior management roles, developing and managing banking, wealth management and other finance related solutions to many different client segments including retail, wholesale, retirement, high net-worth and the mass affluent. Mr. Bickford maintains an extensive network of industry experts and contacts which he continually utilizes for up to date information on relevant news, trends, and topics which impact the industry

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Crystal balls are never as crystal clear as we would like when peering into the fortunes of the stock market. I've worked in the market for more than 35 years and can tell you no one truly has the answer to this question. I'd be happy to talk to you about my views and give an overview of the current market valuation and factors that could create more volatility in the coming months.

What a great question to get on Clarity. Great to see entrepreneurs of all levels on the site. In my 10 years as a financial services consultant I have relied on my "network" of contacts and online resources such as Clarity and LinkedIn for my consulting clients. If "on-sight" is of major importance to you in your business, I would suggest going to an area where you feel your business would have an advantage by being close to where you live. In today's on-line world, many consulting jobs can be completed from anywhere. Just some food for thought. Good luck!

I have consulted with several companies that have used SurveyMonkey and many other survey companies. I have completed due diligence on SM and other survey companies such as Qualtrics, Survata and other providers. I can work with you to evaluate different providers and pointing you in the right direction based upon your situation and can also assist you in other aspects of the online survey process.

I have worked in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. My experience spans origination, MSR, banks and mortgage companies. I understand the current issues with mortgage pricing, servicing, and regulatory concerns. I have a very deep research pool and can provide analysis, commentary, and opinion on the current state of the mortgage industry and the outlook for the players and the industry as a whole.

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