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Hey Buddy, I've been developing apps since 9 years so I think I can answer your questions -

1. Hire a development instead of an individual, companies are more accountable, have teams, fall back plans and can handle multiple technologies and tasks (like design, front end, backend and so on).

2. Cost depends upon features you need, it can start as low as $ 1500 if you hire an offshore company like us, you may also try calculating some cost range by selecting options and describing your idea on this app cost calculator -

3. Timeframe depends upon features again, though none of the apps I developed in past took more than 10 weeks as for first set of features. The more features you want to involve, the more the cost and time goes up.

This old post might help you as well -

Thank, me later. )

Well, this happens during certain periods with almost every sales person I guess. :) Here is what I'd do (and I do as well) -

1. Send them an email, politely wishing them best, and asking to chose the reason they didn't chose you; give them options like - a) price was super high b) wasn't happy with communication so and so forth. I get a reply almost always to such emails if the buyer is genuine.

Also, you may lately find that most of them were not looking to purchase at all, so don't bother much either.

2. Check the competitive rates, figure out what others are charging for the same work. Need I tell you the ways to do that? :)

3. Just general review your in-sales process (where you send agreements to sign, deal closing documents etc) or probably do a role playing putting yourself in customer's place, and ask you colleague to play you. It sounds interesting, and it works equally good.

At Agicent (my company -, we sell app and web development services, and we always role play to figure out what "Category" of customer would search for which keywords, and then we divide those keywords according to role and work on them (for content, marketing, pitch etc).

Hope this helps.

- Believe in yourself, commit to yourself that either you're doing it or not doing it and if doing it, then anything that comes should be considered as an experience; you shall overcome everything gradually.

- Have something as stress buster in life, relationship, workout, partying, breaks, they work wonder.

- Focus on your customers, if they are happy then you're happy, simple thumb rule.

- Don't think or worry too much, when moments come where you don't know what to do or what do at first, then do what is most easier and in your control.

- Most of the problems that we think of are usually no problems at all, they get disappeared the moment we stop thinking about them, if some don't then they are the real ones needing your attention.

- Do have friends, never be hard on yourself, learn to forgive yourself, understand and really believe that you are doing something good; accept your weakness and appreciate your strength but don't be either too demotivated or even narcissist, find a sweet spot (I'm still trying though) and that's it.

- Be ready to "say" things directly to clients or employees or partners when something is brutally tangled, most of the times people support, if they don't then you know how to deal with them (lol).

- Sales has answer to 150 % of your problems, so do it yourself/ head it yourself. An entrepreneur is the biggest and most committed sales guy you can ever recruit and incentivize so invest in yourself and your sales.

I've had my ups and downs in last 9 years with Agicent App Company ( and many times it felt like I was going no where, but then I restored to doing the minimum thing I could do and somehow it worked so far. I don't follow all what I "preached" but I believe if we do a part of these points at times of trouble (you don't ask the question you did in good times!), they really help.

Lots of strength and peace!

mocqups, mockflow, flinto, balsamiq, marvelapp, invision and many others, with a single google search you can find plenty of such app wireframe creation and prototyping tools.
Some are good for even laymen, some are better for people already know some designing.

If nothing works, then drawing on plain paper and sharing with designer/ developer would be sufficient as well, though in this case you'd need to rely on designer/ developer's creativity on the top of your rough designs. We've many clients who just gave us an idea and couple of sketches depicting app's flow and we made whole good apps out of it.

We've compiled a list of 10 mobile mockup creation tools at this link, I hope this helps you more.

I've written a whole big blog post on this topic some weeks back, have a look at

You can start with as simple as doing google search the idea and see how many competitors are already there, and if there is no one at all, and then can go doing as complex researches as doing competitor's analysis, using tools like keywords planner, vima, ideasquare etc, and also take help of your friends.

You need not to, you can very well be a seller of a mobile app in individual capacity, you should go to register yourself as a company (developing & selling apps) only when you've a regular team that needs salaries, or your investors specifically want you to do so.

In initial stages, all you need is an app developer time like the one we offer (if you don't develop yourself), a developer account on itunes and google play (so that you can host the app in your name), and a bank account attached to those store accounts.

It is not much difficult to migrate your individual store accounts to enterprise one once you've a company ready in future, so don't worry about these things and focus completely on development, marketing, and user retention of your app project.

So far as type of company is concerned, you can settle for LLC and keep it lean until you change in future for Inc.

I figured "school fieldtrip organizers" as the first keyword after seeing your description, and then you can prefix or suffix this phrase with your location/ specific area like "School trip organizers hannover" and so on.

You must be having atleast 1 competitor in your country or in the world (I found many after searching for the above keyword) and then you can see which keywords are they targeting by either checking their source meta or using google keyword planner.

I got many combinations already by doing so (in 1 minute) like:-
1. School trip agents
2. ideas for school field trips
3. school fieldtrip ideas nearby
4. School fun activities organizer
5. School field trip experience

and then so on, and since your business looks highly location specific then do consider adding location name in your targeted keywords.

I can help you more should you ask for, with all this info.

Secondly, all these SEO tactics are for inbound lead generation and I'd suggest you to do consider outbound tactics at the same time since it is relatively new business offering and reaching out to your customers proactively instead of waiting for them to come on site is more important and i believe you know this, I'm just emphasizing.

For my business of App development (, I rely on more human-like keyphrases through instead of what google planner might suggest, it is good to measure the volume of search though.

So a combination of tactics and tools would work, instead of just one way.

It depends.

if minor branding changes mean = changing the logo, putting new labels then its not a job of more than couple of hours (or even lesser than that).

If minor branding = logo change, change of whole skin, layout then it can be a little longer job.

It also depends upon what kind of contract you have with the App developer, like if they cover this "white labeling part" already in the cost or its a new demand from your side.

Everyone likes or needs quotes at one point or another of their pro/ personal life.

My experience - I develop apps for people like you, and own this App development company, and here's my take specific to your question:-

There is a potential, but you need to offer "either the same thing in different way" or "different thing in different/ same way" w.r.t what's already there in the market. It could be some associated new features along with quotes, or something more personalized offerings (based on mood etc), and ofcourse with some "FRESH" content. May be you allow users to put their quotes also, and publish to community for vote up/ down etc.

Also,don't miss the most important aspect (that many in this business miss) of rolling out new features frequently, and engage customer proactively (by fb groups, notifications, analysing their data and suggesting them something, allowing them to contribute to the app by blog/ comments etc). Basically, a sense of "community" needs to be achieved, and then you can figure out many revenue intersections (when you've great no. of Daily Active users).

Some common revenue streams are advertisements, in-app purchases (of any premium content etc) or even 1 time fee. Some little uncommon could be gaining sponsorship from business related to what you offer (for example book publishers, therapy providers etc, whoseover thinks their target user group uses your app).

I'm glad to discuss this at length with you, and brainstorm together should you feel so.

1. Figure out which ideas you consider as best among "so many" and nail down on those.
2. Do a competitive analysis on if any similar apps are already there in the market or not. If there are some then thing if there is a space for another similar offering, and if yes then what you can offer differently than others.
In case there is nothing similar existing already, you've the advantage of being initiator but you need to be wise to position it better.
3. Decide your first target group of users, and geography. I understand you may think your app can be used worldwide and rightly so, but start focusing on a certain area and achieve traction and then go big.
4. Now, document your app idea in the most simplest ways possible, you can following this article to know how to write app specs -
5. Put your specs to potential good app development companies (I don't suggest going with freelancer way if you've not worked with them in the past, also app development need a team and not a single guy so go for a company) that you can search in forums like these, or via google. Get a cost estimation, or use and handy tool like this to quickly estimate app development costs -

6. Compares the quotes, experience, quality, and overall offerings of the developers. Select the ones good on all parameters, and whom you can use for long term (another reason I suggest going with an app development company).

7. Hire the developer, and ask for a trial work first (we offer free trials always).

8. Start the development, see your app's progress every week until it goes to the store. create a good landing page also, do some good on page optimization of both app store page and landing page, try to get some press coverage and learn on this path.

Every suggest I've given here is a topic in itself and lot can be discussed on that, so I suggest you to start small, learn, partner with right people, and grow as you learn.

Following is a good post for first time App entrepreneurs like yourself

I own an app development company and we develop apps out of just idea for entrepreneurs like you only, so feel free to get in touch with me for any further discussion.

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