Pamela HazeltonConversions, marketing, ecommerce and content.

- 25+ years experience in website usability, conversions, ecommerce, online marketing and social media marketing.
- Has worked with several brands, including AHAVA, TRX, Retro Planet, Casabella and Carrie D. Mader.
- Contributing Editor to Practical Ecommerce.
- Speaker at small business and ecommerce conferences.
- Has worked with more than 800 online stores and websites. Her company has provided modules and customizations to more than 5,000 ecommerce sites.
- Author of more than a dozen ebooks on ecommerce and conversions, including 7 versions for the Miva Merchant shopping cart. Author of 7 print editions of Official Miva Merchant Guide.

Recent Answers

This happens in ALL types of business. The key is to show them WHY what you do is important. They simply may not realize that their priorities are not ideal.

Unfortunately, it's impossible for a single person to focus properly on multiple big pictures, and many of the things you list here each belong in their own photo album. I've never met a stellar marketer who is also stellar at SEO.

Your best bet is to choose your real niche and then surround yourself with great players who also need people to bounce things off. I bring in other people all the time because - newsflash - you can't be great at everything. Focus on too much and the best you can hope for is mediocrity across the board.

Aside from getting visitor feedback, usability testing can help catch a great many issues. When it comes to website usage, many visitors/customers might be able to tell you that something isn't right, but they may not be able to pinpoint what that "something" is. Usability analysts know what to look for and know how to spot pitfalls.

I don't think it's limiting. It will probably be tricky to get your foot in the door, but if you can offer a real value you stand as good a chance as any.

Listen to them and ask them questions. Read what they say on the web, and ask relevant questions. Surveys can help, but without a budget or means to ask the masses, it is difficult to collect enough data. So, go back to basics. Join various groups and engage in conversations.

Sorry, but you're asking for the near impossible. As it goes - you want it cheap, fast and done right, but you can only pick TWO. Figure out which of those three you can live without (low cost, quickness or accuracy). Sorry, but in my 25 years experience, I've yet to meet a single company or individual who can deliver all three.

Are you sure you're explaining your services properly? Unless these are big corporations, many business owners don't truly understand what they need and why. Great visuals with proper and prominent text needs to invite them to HAVE to learn more.

As someone who worked with and watched a locally owned chocolate shop start out and branch out, I can say that the first thing you have to be willing to do is GIVE BACK and GIVE PLENTY. That's how this small, one-person shop, grew tremendously in just two years. It got involved on a local level and got people hooked. Word of mouth - best marketing tactic ever.

Shopify for sure. But, why limit yourself there? There are some other really great systems out there that provide more tools out of the box.

Oh, and while I'm sure *some* businesses do well with a Facebook store, it's not so simple to just "build and they will come." Stores are connected to Pages. You might want to get a start locally using Facebook Marketplace.

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