Chris ChristoffExpert WordPress eCommerce Developer.

I've developed, and lead development of, software that literally powers millions of online stores. Whether you're just getting started and need help picking a platform, or looking to optimize/enhance your existing store, to development advice for your development team, I can help you. From WooCommerce to Easy Digital Downloads to Shopify, if there's a service or plugin that you're using, its likely I've either lead development of it, or contributed to it.

As a member of WordPress's Security & Plugin Teams and an active contributor to the core project, I know WordPress inside and out. If you need help from a business standpoint of getting online, or need help getting features on your site, need advice on a potential project, or are scared to update anything for fear of it breaking, I can give you the insights and comfort you need to move quickly and decisively forward, minimizing risk, and maximizing your return on capital.

Google Analytics:
As the lead developer and product owner of the largest Google Analytics integration on the planet, live on over 4 million active websites, if you need help with Google Analytics, regardless if you need help getting setup with Google Analytics, or getting the most out of it (or "deciphering" it), Clarity offers you the unique ability to get one one one time with me, and after helping millions of site owners at all phases of Google Analytics, I've seen it all and helped people do pretty much everything.

PHP/JS development:
If you're a developer, or you have a development team who needs assistance, whether that's help solving a problem, assistance roadmapping, or advice on your next steps, I can get you out of the "stuck" phase and back to productivity quickly.

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There's a couple routes you could travel. The first, is ads. You mentioned the data is usable? Do you have an API for which to grab it with? If so you could charge for access to that. But it's hard to suggest options without knowing more about the business

There's a couple things to take into consideration. Do you want to host the software yourself? If not, look into ticketing solutions like EventBrite or similar.

If you're willing to host it, there's a ton of really good solutions available as plugins for WordPress. I work for Modern Tribe, and we make one called Events Calendar Pro which you could use with EDDTickets or WooTickets to easily make this type of website very, very quickly and easily.

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