Erik LuhrsThe Bruce Lee of Revenue Generation

Erik Luhrs is “The Bruce Lee of Revenue Generation." He is the creator of Revenue Mind, The GURUS Selling System, and is the bestselling author of BE DO SALE. Erik works with tech clients to create One of a Kind companies that experience hyper-growth by being unique in their Positioning, Niche, Messaging and Solutions.Erik is a Master Practitioner of NLP, and is certified in The Silva Method and Accelerated Learning. He has also been featured by Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, Selling Power, and Chief Executive.

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Stop thinking about channels.

Decide exactly who you want there. Not just "people who can pay" but the exact types of people YOU decide should be there.

The quality and compatibility of your clients will determine how much the other clients like being there and how long they will stay. (this is important).

Once you know the right client-type THEN you can start looking at channels.

Your target market determines the channels you use to reach them, not the other way around.

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