Financial Charts & Tables

By default, the Business Plan contains charts and tables in the Financials and Appendix chapters. However, you may choose to edit, add or delete them to customize your plan. 

To add a chart or table

  1. Navigate to where you want to add the chart or table.
  2. Drag the Finance object from the Add Section inside the right panel. 
  3. Drop it any where along the center of the page.
  4. Select a report to display from the dropdown list. 
  5. Choose the range of years to display data from.
  6. Choose between Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly views.
  7. Select the Chart checkbox to display the chart.
  8. Select the Table checkbox to display the table. 

To add a custom chart image

  1. Chart images can be embedded into any standard editor found in the plan, or you can add a new section.
  2. Click on the image upload button. 
  3. Click Choose File button or drag an image into the drop zone.
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