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Get Scared

Get scared about building a company at which you no longer want to work

Dave Kashen

Entrepreneur, Startup CEO Coach, Team & Culture Expert

Lessons Learned

How much energy do you have? Startups are all creation and hustle.

Talented people are table stakes; find those who fit the unique culture you are building.

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    Lesson: Team & Culture with Dave Kashen

    Step: #5 Get Scared: Get scared about building a company at which you no longer want to work

    What I'm essentially advocating is raise the bar. It's not enough to take on the challenge of finding amazingly talented people, but find amazingly talented people who also fit this unique culture that you're trying to build, and, yes, that is what I'm advocating. How do you get over the fear of, “Wow, this is really scary, this is even scarier?"

    The way I get over it, the way I've seen a lot of clients get over it, is to get more scared about what happens if you don't. This is your life. You're going to spend hopefully the next 3, 4, 5, 10 years of your life living, sweating, breathing this company and if you're not working with people who you're aligned with, who bring out your best, who bring out one another's best, it's just going to suck your energy. I think there's this it's not well enough understood or talked about how most of the game is how much energy do you have because it's all just creation and hustle, and if you're maximizing how energized you all are and how creative you all are, then you're likely to succeed.

    Just throwing a bunch of talented bodies at this, what's essentially a creative problem, it doesn't work. I would invite people to get really scared about what happens when you end up building a company that you no longer want to work at and it happens. I see it all the time.

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