Design & Prototyping

with Devika Patel and Natalie Griffen

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A team’s dynamic involves reliability and friendship

Devika Patel

Co-founder of Orenda, Stanford Student, Product Designer

Natalie Griffen

Designer, Incessant Doodler, Coffee Lover

Lessons Learned

Your team members should not only be academics peers but also friends.

Make full use of your network.

It is important to have one person on the team who's focus is design.


Lesson: Design & Prototyping with Devika Patel & Natalie Griffen

Step #8 Team: A team’s dynamic involves reliability and friendship

Our relationship with DFA is amazing. All of our team members are intimately involved within the organization. The community is very supportive and the great thing about Design for America is that it really fosters a community of like-minded peers who are not only academic peers, but friends outside of academics as well. It's great to have this group of 40 people that I can go to and bounce design ideas off of, and invite them to our brainstorming sessions, and invite them to test our prototypes as well. We do have one person on our team who focuses most of his efforts on our visual design, but it's something that we all have experience in, so we all kind of loop into it as needed.

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