What is the optimum strategy needed to sell $150,000 of restaurant vouchers to a large corporation?

I know the best way is to make them see that taking on the restaurant vouchers from me can have wide ranging benefits for them both monetarily and non-monetarily, but I need help to come up with a complete strategy of how to package the restaurant vouchers in order to make it irresistible for them to purchase it from me!


I need more information if possible?
What kind of vouchers are you offering?

Answered 7 years ago

Often, the secret you discover is disturbingly simple. It is something basic to every business that I call the “optimal selling strategy.” By that, I mean the fundamental things you have to know to make a profitable sale: where to advertise, how much to spend on advertising, how to position your product in terms of the competition, how to price it, what kind of guarantee to give, etc. In a nutshell, understanding the optimal selling strategy means understanding how to acquire a customer for a reasonable cost. Until you get that working, the future of your business is uncertain. You are running your business scared, because you sense, deep down inside, that you do not really “get it.”
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Answered 5 months ago

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