Are there marketplace experts for mentoring here on

Mentoring will be conducted through scheduled paid consultation. Expert must have built a marketplace or have full knowledge of how etsy, houzz, zillow, trulia, pinterest system or ebay works.


Clarity has dozen's of experts in this area - some are list here:

and here:

My favorites are
- Micha Kaufman (Founder/CEO @
- John Ramey (Founder/CEO of
- Josh Brelinger (VC, previously #5 @
- Dinesh Thiru (VP of Marketing @
- Fergus Dyer-Smith (Founder/CEO @
+ many more.

Answered 6 years ago

I may be able to help from my experience founding and building Skillshare, as well as researching marketplaces in general during that time. What specific questions do you have?

Feel free to ping me to setup a call.

Answered 6 years ago

Generally, I'd encourage you to check out the Search feature here on Clarity that has a number of featured experts that list where they feel most able to be of help. Check out their reviews and the answers they have submitted to get a good idea of their potential fit with you. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Dan Martell - Founder of Clarity

Boris Wertz - Cofounder of AbeBooks which sold to Amazon and an investor in many marketplace companies:

And Elan Mosbacher (I don't know him but his profile looks good)

Answered 6 years ago

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