What could be a good credibility building strategy for a new bank trying to attracts deposits?

The financial group in question has long been doing car leasing, but has acquired a banking license to do car loans. Deposits are needed to fund the loan business. However, it's very hard to build a considerable flow of leads for deposits as the surveys show that the customers are wary of pitting their hard earned cash into an unknown bank. What should be done to attract more customers?


You have asked the golden question. As a business banker, we all struggle with getting deposits. Going after key industries (escrow companies, property management, HOA's, etc) will help in this. However, there are many options to help get deposits. I'd be happy to hop on a call and talk about this. I just signed up with Clarity yesterday. So I'm still learning the platform.

Answered 5 years ago

There are a few things you can do to help build trust to get new deposits:

1. Inbound marketing, you need to create a strategy for the long haul to build value and set yourself up to be more than just a bank. This deserves it's own question and answer.

2. Make sure to promote your deposts are FDIC/NCUA insured.

3. Many people were leaving big banks for some of the business practices they engage in, trying to focus and highlight that you are different, that you don't do what other banks do and take care of your customers will help you attract those looking to switch.

4. In addition to having basic banking features, you need to deliver additional convenience features that most banks offer now - online banking, mobile deposits, fee-free ATMs, etc.

5. You really need to figure out your ideal target market, find something niche you can focus on and attract them. Without a huge marketing budget, trying to market yourself to general public will not yield results. If you focus on a niche target market, identify their pain points with banks, and then try to offer an alternative that fixes those pain points will get you those customers. Once you get more customers, word of mouth will spread and you will be able to compete to a wider audience.

6. I understand the reasoning behind getting deposit customers, to fund the loan business, but that's not going to help you get AND keep customers. You do need to be a good bank, with good customer service, with a good portfolio of features.

If you get one thing out of what I wrote, that should be this: Figure out what your ideal target market is, identify their pain points with banking needs, and position your bank to fix those pain points. You might want to start with your local neighborhood, and work from there.

Answered 6 years ago

Here's a quick anecdote for you.

We recently moved from a bedroom community to the city. I bank with a large bank for all the conveniences they offer - even though they are expensive. My wife was with a local credit union because they were free and provided a local warmth she appreciated.

She now had the dilemma of switching banks. There was not a credit union nearby. So, she used Yelp and found all the nearby banks. She chose a small one because they offered free checking and other no fee services.

Within 90 days she left that small bank because their service was horrible. She could not bank on Saturdays, weekday hours were not extended as the large brands were, and each teller interaction was slow and not always courteous or respectful.

Hopefully that story proves to be a case study for you. She is representative of many banking customers.

Now, here are some things to consider.

1. Hire a field sales rep.

Have them visit every small-medium business in your community. Build a relationship with the business owners. Create a customized banking solution for all the employees of that business. Maybe offer to provide branded debit cards with the business' logo on it.

Maybe offer discounts on certain closing costs for loans if the employees bank with you?

Consider bringing pastries or other food or drinks to businesses if they have a staff meeting where you can address the employees. Your pastries and short promo talk would break up the monotony of the regular meetings.

Hold community events regularly. Become known as a warm, friendly neighborhood bank.

Do the same approach with the chamber of commerce, rotary, elks, and other organizations in the area.

Basically, take the paradigm that national brand banks are not your direct competition, the credit unions are.

Now, I am not an expert in the banking industry and do not know the rules and regs that might hinder your marketing. But, in addition to what Viktor said about FDIC and several of his other comments, provide over the top service, and position each branch as the neighborhood community bank.

I do provide free consultations to first time callers using the link below. If you would like to set up a 30 minute call, I'd be happy to get more details and provide more ideas.

Best regards,

Kevin McCarthy

Answered 6 years ago

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